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Gatti Hitting System

Welcome to the Gatti Hitting System.

First is the Gatti Video Library. In this 20 + online tutorial video library I break down the entire swing. You will see the best MLB hitters in game swing slow motion breakdowns. I analyze each move they make from the first to the very last. I chop up the swing into understandable components for the viewer. You will learn what every body part does, when it does it, and why it does it. After the component breakdown you will see drills for you to do that target the component. This $20 library will be your best resource for your swing training.  See  sample video below. This library is perfect for parent, player or coach.

Next you have the option of emailing me a simple video of your player's swing (chest view) from your phone camera. I will reply back with a voice over critique analysis of your swing compared to a MLB hitter. I will also assign the drills that you will do from the video library you have already purchased. This analysis is a one time charge of $30. There is no monthly membership. However, it is recommended to send me subsequent videos to build your swing systematically. See sample video below.  Pay as you go... Getting better every day!!

-Dom Gatti

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